Vip Daigou Manager

For some brands, simply having a eStore won’t help drive sales and create a stronger brand awareness. In these cases, we can also offer a Daigou VIP Manager who effectively becomes your brand advocate, representing your brand in the Chinese community; both on and offline.

Trade Marketing
Brand Advocate
Company Spokesman

The Daigou VIP Manager will proactively work with your brand to:

  • Creating a trade marketing and communicating strategy.
  • Executing the trade marketing plan across the region.
  • Driving brand awareness across various categories and products.
  • Attending and presenting at daigou stores and gift shops on behalf of the brand.
  • Coordinating the creation and delivery of sample Chinese ad content.
  • Answering questions and advocating within the daigou community
  • Reporting on data and industry trends relating to trade categories.
  • Creating trade marketing plans for individual products and product ranges.



$5000 /month

 Represents your brand in the Chinese community; both on and offline.

Conducts brand sampling & product training

Brand Advocacy Program

Daigou Stores & Gift shop liasion and management.

 Organises Group Buying promotions

WeChat Red Packet Program

Brand Event Sponsorship (1/Qrt)



Start selling to China via DaigouSales

Leveraging Daigou allows brands to cost effectively develop their D2C sales and marketing channel into China.