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Our Brand Sponsorship program is a marketing strategy in which a merchant from the DaigouSales marketplace can be involved in the brand events to  generate a relationship between the brand and the daigou attendees.  The Brand Sponsor gets to present information about the brand and the ‘offer of the day’. The daigou attendees get to interact with the brand and develop understandings about the value and opportunity and know how to advocate back into their Chinese buying network.  Brand sponsor make product samples available to the attendees who must use their WeChat accounts to take photos of the brands before receiving a product sample. Also this brand will be featured in the event catalog with an ‘offer of the day’ so daigou can purchase and ship directly to China.

  • Brand speaking spot
  • Demonstration time
  • Offline Daigou engagement
  • Showcase products
  • “Offer of the Day” Sales