Brand Incubation Program

$2,500.00 / month


Our ‘Slingshot’ brand incubation program is designed specifically for select DaigouSales merchants whose brand is still emerging and not widely established in the Australian market.


Two things are true when it comes to Chinese D2C cross-border; Your brand awareness needs to be on the rise in your home market and two, having Australia consumers buy your products in a retail environment leads to significant consumer credibility back in China.


Our Slingshot program helps establish brands in Australia through a retail placement program. We put your products on consignment into an extensive network of independent retail pharmacies – where your brand is placed on shelf in up to 650 locations throughout Australia.


The Slingshot brand incubation program, includes:

  • Brand visibility throughout Australia in retail pharmacy
  • Retail sales and brand development
  • Warehousing of your products
  • Fully managed stock distribution and replenishment
  • Call centre for support and enquiry
  • Monthly payments