Our Silver Package is a step up from the Bronze Package. It provides you with paid media promotion in Chinese social media as well as  offline training and sampling events. As with the Bronze Package, we can customise this program focus to suit your needs.  For example, if you’d like to highlight a new sales promotion or announce a new product launch,  we can do that. Simply inform your Merchant Manager and they will put the wheels in motion.

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Drives Sales
Promotional Marketing

Chinese Social Media

The Silver Package builds on the social media programs for WeChat and Weibo. These two Chinese platforms dominate the social media landscape in China and for brands that are serious about building their awareness certainly need to be leveraging these. In addition to posting quality content, the Silver Package allows for paid social media; Red Packets in WeChat and Fensitong advertising in Weibo.


Practical, hands-on  training focussed on improving the daigou’s understanding of our merchants brand and products. Each daigou participant receives a certificate to  validate their attendance and product knowledge.


Product Sampling is important to expose your brand within the daigou community. Even if you brand is widely available in the retail channel, it may have a low brand awareness amongst Chinese professional shoppers living in Australia. Product sampling goes a long way to develop this awareness and also helps create interest in knowing more and trying it out.



$1500 /month

Feature in 1 post per week on WeChat

2 Red Packet promotions on WeChat each month ($100 media included)

Feature in 2 post per month on Weibo

Feature in 1x DaigouSales Product Training (10-15 Daigou attendees)

Conduct 1 x brand sampling each month (providing 10-15 samples each month)

1 x Fensitong Weibo marketing promotion ($200 media included)


Start selling to China via DaigouSales

Leveraging Daigou allows brands to cost effectively develop their D2C sales and marketing channel into China.