Independent pharmacies launch ‘Slingshot’ brand incubation program

Pharmacy Alliance and have partnered to establish a ground breaking new initiative called ‘Slingshot’, a Brand Incubation Program’ to showcase emerging Australian products throughout an extensive network of independent pharmacies across all of Australia. 

Pharmacy Alliance has a member based network of over 650 independently owned member pharmacies.  Where is an online marketplace which sits within WeChat and enables Australian brand owners to set up eStores to sell cross border into to China via Australian based Daigou (Chinese professional shoppers who buy Australian products and send them back home to friends, family and others).

The ‘Slingshot’ program will assist emerging Australian brands to grow and establish their brands through a pharmacy based retail placement program.   The program is the first of its kind in Australia.

“Unless you are an established brand, pharmacies and retail outlets don’t want to know you,” Dr. Mathew McDougall, founder and CEO of said today.

“If you want to export your products overseas into markets such as China, your product’s brand awareness needs to be on the rise in Australia and you need to be achieving strong local retail sales. This all leads to greater consumer credibility in your target export markets.

“The ‘Slingshot’ program is an innovative initiative which will help Australian brands to raise their profile and sales in Australia, and in turn drive their  cross border sales.” 

We are pleased to launch ‘Slingshot’ with two of our leading brands; WattleHealth and Koala Eco.

The ‘Slingshot’ program is only available to merchants and is ideal for for quality brands to be ranged in retail pharmacy throughout Australia.

The program will provide emerging Australian brands with: 

.  Brand visibility throughout Australia in retail pharmacy

.  Retail sales and brand development

.  Warehousing of products

.  Fully managed stock distribution and replenishment

.  A call centre for support and enquiry

.  Monthly payments

“Slingshot is a win-win for our independent pharmacy members across Australia and Australian small businesses, “ Darren Dye, CEO of Pharmacy Alliance, said today.

“Independent pharmacies are mostly mum and dad businesses who not only care about their local community, they also have a strong desire to support other mum and dad businesses and Australian SMEs.

“Australian products are high quality products designed and manufactured in well regulated environments.   By creating shelf space across our network of independent pharmacies to showcase and sell emerging Australian products means we are not only offering the community the opportunity to purchase high quality items, we are also supporting growing Australian businesses – and this is a good thing for everyone.

“Importantly, our independent pharmacy members will become known for stocking emerging Australian brands and this will bring shoppers into the pharmacies wanting to support and buy local Australian products.

“We are really pleased to have created a strategic partnership with to launch this new program and we are looking forward to offering the Australian community another reason to shop at their local independent pharmacy.”