Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are we?

Welcome to DaigouSales, a company that provides brand owners with a complete China cross border sales and marketing solution. With our WeChat eMarketplace and comprehensive merchandising programs we facilitate the selling and marketing of brands to Chinese consumers via daigou intermediaries. DaigouSales, is a wholly owned brand of Reach China Holdings Limited. DaigouSales cooperates with both well-known foreign and emerging brands, it offers wholesale pricing to daigou and direct to consumer (China) shipping. The categories offered by DaigouSales include clothing, shoes, beauty goods, vitamins, supplements, infant formula and many more.

DaigouSales aspires to become the world’s largest daigou specific E-commerce company.

2. What is a Daigou?

Daigou literally translated means “buying on behalf of”. It refers to a network of shopping agents who buy things for residents on mainland China that are unavailable or hard to find there. Essentially, it is a channel of commerce between mainland Chinese buyers and overseas professional shoppers.

3. How do I become a Daigou?

Technically anyone can become a daigou, but without an existing network of contacts in China and a thorough understanding of the language, it would be quite difficult.

4. Does my brand qualify?

DaigouSales restricts the listing of certain categories of products which include (but are not limited to) adult products, electronic cigarettes etc.

  • Your product must have a trademark.
  • DaigouSales must approve your brand and has rights to refuse your subscription.
  • Each Flagship eStore can only have one brand and up to 20 SKU’s listed.
  • Each Brand must locate their products in a DaigouSales warehouse or pick facility.
5. How much does it cost for Flagship eStore on DaigouSales?
  • A$ 550 eStore setup fee. This includes up to 20 SKUs
  • A$ 360 per month or $299 per month (if taken on a yearly basis) for eStore management, customer service (pre/post sales), Warehousing (1 pallet) and Service use fee.
  • We deduct a transaction fee from each order (5% from July 2018).
  • We can provide product translation services but this is additional cost.
6. How does the warehousing and shipping work?

Each eStore merchant must provide us with their products (on consignment) so we can pick, pack and ship for the buyers.  We have an Australian warehouse located in Sydney for our Australian merchants. There is a $50 per month fee (mixed pallet) and $1.70 pick fee (included bubble and carton costs) per order.

The buyer is required to pay the shipping costs from our warehouse or pick facilities to their home.

7. How long does it take before my eStore is online and my products are listed?
  • Typically, following subscription, between 3 – 5 days depending on when we receive all the information.
8. How many products should I list?
  • Your setup fee covers listing 20 products but we suggest focusing on your hero products (4-6 SKU’s)
9. Which products should I choose?
  • If you have products in a number of categories, we suggest you try your most popular product in each category.
  • If you already get some sales from China, we suggest you list your top sellers.
  • If your products do not currently sell in China, and you do not have multiple categories, we suggest listing popular products in the $40 – $100 price range.
10. Are there particular products I can’t sell to China?
  • China has strict rules on what products cannot be shipped to China.  As a condition of use for DaigouSales, our merchants need to understand these restriction and not look to bypass these laws. A list of restricted products can be found here.
11. How does pricing work?

The Merchant sets the price of the Product offered for sale through their eStore. A commission of 5% is added to the price set by the Merchant, and the total is displayed as the sale price alongside the Product on offer. We have two wholesale prices; bulk and regular  – so that we can provide gift store owners and higher volume purchasers with price incentives to purchase.

12. How can I promote my eStore?

DaigouSales offers an extensive on and offline merchandising program. Participation in these programs are optional and subject to availability. Details can be found in the Services section of our website.

13. What happens if a Chinese trader/Daigou approaches to us directly?

Your DaigouSales eStore team is your TP and responsible for running your ‘official’ daigou eStore. If  Chinese daigou or traders  looking to purchase your brands wholesale direct from you then you need to refer them to your eStore within the DaigouSale marketplace to browse and purchase your products. When your eStore was on-boarded you are sent a WeChat QR code specific to your eStore so it is easy to simply provide this QR code to prospective buyers and your DaigouSales eStore team will help them though the purchase and support these sales. This way we control the daigou purchase point for you and ensure all your buyers are getting the same information and structured pricing.

14. What is the ACDA?

The ACDA is the “Australia China Daigou Association“. DaigouSales is a Corporate member and subscribes to it’s charter in developing a professional daigou community and resource pool for Australian brands.

Question not answered here?

Feel free to email us if you have any questions not already answered here.