Welcome to DaigouSales, a cross border solution that  leverages daigou traders; Chinese living in Australia/New Zealand who buy goods on behalf of others in China. Our Daigou solution is a complete sales and marketing solution that includes WeChat eMarketplace and comprehensive merchandising programs to facilitate the selling and marketing of brands to Chinese consumers via daigou intermediaries. DaigouSales, is a wholly owned brand of Reach China Holdings Limited. DaigouSales cooperates with both well-known foreign and emerging brands, it offers wholesale pricing to daigou and direct to consumer (China) shipping. The categories offered by DaigouSales include clothing, shoes, beauty goods, vitamins, supplements, infant formula and many more.

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Mathew McDougall, Daigou Sales quickly established itself as a solution for emerging brands to establish a sales channel into China without the significant capital costs of product registrations, company incorporation and issues around repatriating money. Further, Dr. McDougall was first to coined the term, “D2C” ( Daigou-to-consumer) as a way to help brands understand this channel and further substantiate it’s inclusion within a brands broader Chinese market entry strategy.

The platform, known as DaigouSales helps brands maintain their premium positioning within their flagship eStores and also provides Daigou with easy to use ‘store fronts’. These daigou store fronts were an innovation within the DaigouSales platform it automated much of the purchasing, collecting money and shipping away; just leaving the daigou buyers to focus on growing their Chinese network and in turn profits.

Since the launch of DaigouSales platform, we have created multi-layered marketing programs that offer brands with flagship eStores ways to promote their products within the daigou community. From WeChat content and promotions to offline events and seminars to even KOL and ambassador management. A complete marketing solution that wraps around any D2C solution at a level that makes sense to the brands budget and aspirations.


For many brands, being able to sell their products in China is the ultimate aspirational goal yet it has been out of reach of many because of the costs and associated risks. For the rst time, these brands can now leverage the D2C (Daigou-to-Consumer ) channel via our DaigouSales platform.



The DaigouSales marketplace has more more than 200 manufacturers and over 30,000 products and boasts the most comprehensive range of well-known and emerging local brand in the Australasia region for the daigou buyer. These Flagship eStores are the offical location for daigou to purchase from these manufactures. We selectively choose products, manage and control the quality of the products in the marketplace, and ensure the products are genuine and authentic. We look to establish long-term and deep cooperation with local manufacturers and daigou alike. In addition to operating Flagship eStores on behalf of the manufactures, DaigouSales is a complete D2C (daigou-to-consumer) solution;  providing sales & product training with manufacturers to help users better sell products, Online and offline sales coaching as well as always on digital marketing..

Start selling to China via DaigouSales

Leveraging Daigou allows brands to cost effectively develop their D2C sales and marketing channel into China.