5 Key Elements of Successful D2C (Daigou- to – Consumer) Content Marketing

Assuming your company has started to consider the D2C channel within the context of it’s broader sales and marketing approaches you would no doubt be looking at ‘branded and non branded content’ as a key requirement. Your daigou content requirements are different to your general B2C programs because the intent and purpose of these unique Chinese buying agents are very different. They want to know how to sell more of your products or how to introduce them to their buyers back in China.
Therefore, you need to consider what will help daigou become better brand advocates, better sales agents and how to inspire them to be curious about your products. After all, daigou can’t promote you if they don’t trust your brand, understand it’s heritage nor know your products.

Firstly, lets agree the definitions?

In digital marketing terms, “content” simply means a piece of information that’s available electronically. But not all content is created equally. As a rule of thumb, good content should be interesting, challenging, entertaining and worthwhile.
Content development is done through research and production of different types of content that will attract a definite audience. Often content is developed without a wider plan and therefore becomes disjointed and fragmented in the process of the brands’ story telling.
Further, content marketing is where developed content (produced purposefully) is leveraged to promote a specific agenda such as attracting and retaining customers.
Content curation is an integral part of content marketing too, which is why you need a great editorial calendar. Many of the great pieces of content never get seen/read or if they do it is disproportional to the costs (efforts) done to create this work.

Where to now?

Once you have analysed your audience and have identified the best ideas, it’s time to proceed to the actual creation of the content.
A great content is a combination of value, relevance and visual appeal, along with proper formatting and length, depending on the stage of your D2C content marketing strategy, your audience and the expectations.
It is also important to prepare a good mix of content, including..

  • Product Information (including competitors)
  • Videos, including LIVE Video
  • Infographics
  • Research/data
  • Testimonials/quotes
  • Imagery (not just pack shots, photos of your products in retail outlets and having people purchase them).
  • White papers
  • Trends and Whats New
  • Behind the scenes/back stories

Various types of content ensure that your audience maintains its interest in exploring your new content.

Key Elements of D2C Content Marketing

The ultimate goal of D2C content marketing is to create brand advocates, as well as to nurture and convert their buyers into customers (and repeat customers). To do that, you must include the four Ps of marketing:

  • Product
  • Place
  • Price (wholesale)
  • Promotion

5 Key Elements to successful D2C content

Related to that, the fundamental elements of a D2C content marketing campaign include:

  1. Product driven: You can’t make it as a D2C content marketer without a focus on your product. You need to promote this to your daigou buyers (and in turn for them to use for their buyers).
  2. Design and user experience: Design is another core element of an effective D2C content marketing campaign. In today’s competitive market, design affects user experience. In fact, design is marketing. Just look at posts within WeChat and you will see more imagery and design than actual text.
  3. Aggressive syndication and easy sharing If you’re serious about content marketing within D2C, you need to work with paid media, KOL’s and leverage programs like WeChat’s red pocket functions. It’s important to promote your content the RIGHT way. Online interactions with daigou have become much more sophisticated.
  4. Emotional buying: Emotions are an important part of D2C content marketing.  The emotional buying decisions of your daigou consumers are based on status, desire and price.
  5. The offer: First and foremost, your offer should be something that’s very valuable to your daigou audience, and that they can’t get anywhere else. The offer won’t usually be a direct selling tool, but a way to showcase your expertise and help your daigou get to know you. Consider offering a VIP training package or something exclusive.


Preparing your D2C marketing strategy is about optimising time and time again. To make the most of it, use a combination of articles, blog posts, videos, infographics and product materials; “multi-channel content marketing strategy.” Furthermore, you need to use platforms that daigou use – primarily WeChat and mobile is everything.
D2C content programs are a relatively new area given many companies have not recognised the importance of this Chinese buyer channel within their wider marketing strategy. The key to success, however, lies in being clear about your objectives, creating memorable content and promoting it intelligently. If you get these steps right, you’d be on your way to establishing the most cost effective and high-conversion channel for D2C.