Why is DaigouSales a great way to sell to China?


For many Western brands, being able to sell their products in China is the ultimate aspirational goal yet it has been out of reach of many because of the costs and associated risks. For the first time, these brands can now leverage the D2C (Daigou-to-Consumer ) channel via our DaigouSales Marketplace and comprehensive merchandising programs.

For Brands & Merchants

DaigouSales provides a complete cross border solution for brands looking to sell into China. We provide brands with a fully managed and operated eStore on the DaigouSales Marketplace, cross border payments and  shipping solutions.  Leveraging the Chinese living overseas and buying/sending goods back to China (D2C channel) is the most cost effective and lowest risk to selling and marketing your products to consumers living in China.

For Chinese Buying Agents

For Chinese buying agents living overseas and wishing to purchase goods on behalf of their connections back in China, DaigouSales offers a simple way to buy and ship from a large range of high quality Western products. Chinese buying agents setup a personalised DaigouSales StoreFront that integrates into our merchant Marketplace. This provide a professional and convenient way for daigou to sell goods directly from the marketplace to their China based buyers using their own StoreFront pricing and taking advantage of our direct to door, cross border shipping into China. Daigou buying agents can focus fully on marketing their StoreFront and not having to spend time running around town buying products, chasing down payments and arranging postage.

Australian Retail Pharmacy - Incubation Program

Australian Retail Pharmacy - Incubation Program

“DaigouSales has developed a ‘Brand Incubation Program’ that allow’s it’s merchants to have their products placed into a pharmacy-led network in Australia, With up to 650 independent pharmacies in our network, this program provides a unique opportunity to grow your Brand’s domestic awareness and help with your Chinese cross border program.”
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How could your company join the DaigouSales Marketplace?

DaigouSales is the first dedicated daigou-to-consumer (D2C) platform enabling brands to sell via daigou buying agents to millions of consumers throughout China.

It is easy to open a store on DaigouSales. On DaigouSales, your company can sell to Chinese consumers without shipping capabilities to China, hiring an in-house China team, or setting up an office in China. Once you subscribe using the “Sign Up Now” button below, our dedicated Merchant Team will learn about your brand and products so we are best placed to help drive sales.

Once you have joined DaigouSales, our team will setup a meeting to on-board your brand. We work together to refine the communication of your brand story and positioning in Chinese. DaigouSales maintains a superior customer experience and trust by working closely with your company, expanding your brand awareness within the daigou community and presence in China. We earn a small commission when we sell your products.

DaigouSales provides you with:


  • Branded Flagship eStore
  • Fully managed and operated on your behalf
  • Brand and Product Marketing
  • Pre and Post Sales Customer service in Chinese/English
  • Cross border payments
  • Inventory Management and Warehousing
  • Order filflillment

DaigouSales is your China expert, making it easy and low risk for your company to sell to China’s 360 million middle class (and growing) consumers. Get started today!


Our merchandising and marketing programs are available for our eStore merchants. The various programs are designed to drive awareness and reach within the daigou communities both online and offline. When daigou buyers have a positive understanding, knowledge and engagement with a brand they move from simply being a buyer to becoming an advocate – this daigou ‘word of mouth’ (DWOM) is a powerful tool in helping influence Chinese mainland consumers and in turn will lead to greater sales volumes.

Content marketing

Producing great content is an art that takes hard work and planning and the type of content needed by a daigou is quite different to that of a retailer buyer. We can help your brand create a tactical content marketing plan specific for the daigou looking to advocate and represent your brands. This includes:

  • Content Calendar: We help you plan and implement a detailed content calendar to guide your content development and marketing efforts.
  • Content Creation: Researching, writing, editing and publishing your content based on the agreed calendar.
  • Social Media Advertising: Using WeChat Ads, Red Packet programs and promotional advertising to gain immediate results by promoting your content to your daigou community.

Offline Activities

Participating in our offline activities is a great way of increasing your brand awareness within the daigou community and showcasing your eStore for their buying consideration. Our offline activities range from conferences, workshops, seminars, product training to networking and socialising.


Being involved in DaigouSales offline activities can:

  • Raise brand awareness and create preference
  • Create positive PR and raise awareness of your organisation as a whole
  • Provide attractive social content
  • Build brand positioning through associative imagery
  • Support a sales promotion campaign
  • Create internal emotional commitment to the brand

Our regular offline activities are designed to build relationships between brands and buyers. Therefore we limit the number of  brands that can be involved in each activity and also vet the daigou participants to ensure we have a match between brands present and buyers interests – we want authentic relationship building that allows for the daigou to get up close and know the brand.


VIP Daigou Management

A brand that uses a VIP Daigou Manager will have greater influence and reach into the daigou community both online and offline. Our specialised VIP Managers  will work with your brand to promote, represent and advocate your products, ultimately developing a brand relationship within this community. Acting as your daigou ‘Trade Marketer’ our VIP Managers work with various daigou stores and gift shops to secure shelf space, develop in-store promotions, run product training and brand activations. The objective of the VIP Manager is to drive sales through your DaigouSales flagship store.


Start selling to China via DaigouSales

Leveraging Daigou allows brands to cost effectively develop their D2C sales and marketing channel into China.