Why is the DaigouSales Merchant Program a great way to sell to China?


Western companies wanting to access and sell into the lucrative China market often have no idea of where and how to start. Further, accessing this tremendously fast-growing and complex market for a company with no physical presence in China presents a variety of challenges, risks and comes with costs. Therefore, many brands have looked to leveraging local Chinese professional shoppers and Daigou traders to help establish and promote their products to their contacts and customers living in China.  It has never been easier for brand owners looking to sell to China as our DaigouSales Merchant Program provides a low rick, low cost way to tap into this Chinese professional shopper community. Brands simply sign up to the DaigouSales Merchant Program, select the marketing package then get started with their export journey into China.

For Brand Owners & Manufactures

The DaigouSales Merchant solution provides a complete cross-border solution for brands looking to sell into China. We provide brands with a fully managed and operated eStore on the BuyNatural 百天然  platform, cross border payments and  shipping solutions.  Leveraging the Chinese living overseas and buying/sending goods back to China (small parcel, personal goods channel) is the most cost effective and lowest risk to selling and marketing your products to consumers living in China.

For Chinese Professional Shoppers

For Chinese professional shoppers and daigou traders living overseas and wishing to purchase goods on behalf of their connections back in China, our BuyNatural platform offers a simple way for them to discover high quality Natural, Organic and Niche products. Chinese professional shoppers and daigou traders register to become independent advocates of BuyNatural to enjoy wholesale pricing, marketing/sales materials, access to expos, product training and special Touch, Learn, Order (TLO) events. Our professional shoppers and daigou traders have a convenient way to buy/sell goods from the BuyNatural marketplace and have orders directly shipped to their China based buyers. As a BuyNatural  independent advocate you can develop your skills with our ongoing training and support. Build your confidence by learning from a rich resource of video and in person training lead by our team as well as invited industry experts.

Want to get on shelf in Australian Retail Pharmacy's?

Want to get on shelf in Australian Retail Pharmacy's?

In conjunction with our BuyNatural distribution partner, we are pleased to be able to offer a new Brand Incubation Program that allows our DaigouSales merchants  the opportunity to have their products placed into a pharmacy-led network in Australia. With up to 650 independent pharmacies in our network, this program provides a unique opportunity to get your products in the Pharmacy channel and establish it as a credible retail brand.
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How could your brand join the DaigouSales Merchant Program?

DaigouSales is the first dedicated merchant program designed to sell and promote your products via Chinese professional shoppers and daigou traders to millions of consumers throughout China.

It is easy to get started on the DaigouSales Merchant program. Our DaigouSales Merchant program gives you easy access to Chinese consumers without needing shipping capabilities to China, hiring an in-house China team, or setting up an office in China. After you subscribe using the “Sign Up Now” button below, our dedicated Merchant Team will learn about your brand and products so we are best placed to help drive sales.

Once you have joined DaigouSales Merchant Program, our team will setup a meeting to on-board your brand. We work together to refine the communication of your brand story and positioning in Chinese. The DaigouSales Merchant team maintains a superior customer experience and trust by working closely with your company, expanding your brand awareness within the professional shopper community and presence in China. We earn a sales commission when we sell your products so we are highly motivated to achieve success together.

The DaigouSales Merchant Solution provides you with:


  • Flagship eStore on BuyNatural 百天然
  • Fully managed and operated on your behalf
  • Brand and Product Marketing
  • Pre and Post Sales Customer Service in Chinese
  • Cross border payments
  • Inventory Management and Warehousing
  • Order fulfilment

The DaigouSales Merchant program is your chance to enter China, making it easy and low risk for your company to sell to China’s 360 million middle class (and growing) consumers. Get started today!


Professional Shopper & Daigou Activation Packages

Our merchandising and marketing programs are critical for our merchants to develop the awareness of their products within the Chinese Professional Shoppers and Daigou Trading community. The various programs are designed to build interest, drive awareness and create a product curiosity within the Chinese communities both online and offline. When our independent affiliates have a positive understanding, knowledge and engagement with a brand they move from simply being a buyer to becoming a true fan – this  ‘word of mouth’ is a powerful tool in helping influence Chinese mainland consumers and in turn will lead to greater sales volumes.

Bronze Program

The Bronze marketing program is designed for brands that want to have a light touch, social media marketing program. The Bronze package includes:

  • Feature in 4 posts per month on WeChat

  • 1 Red Packet promotion on WeChat each month ($50 media included)

  • Feature in 2 post per month on Weibo


Silver Program

For brands that want to be more active in promoting their brand, the Silver Package is designed to step it up beyond social media.

The Silver Program includes:

  • Feature in 4 posts per month on WeChat
  • 2 Red Packet promotions on WeChat each month ($100 media included)
  • Feature in 2 post per month on Weibo
  • Feature in 1x DaigouSales Product Training (10-15 Daigou attendees)
  • Conduct 1 x brand sampling each month (providing 10-15 samples each month)
  • 1 x Fensitong Weibo marketing promotion ($200 media included)

Gold Program

For brands that want to build active engagement and information programs,  we have the “Gold Package”. This package provides integrates  online and offline programs that are designed to create  maximum brand exposure and develop brand knowledge.

The Gold package includes:

  • Feature in 4 posts per month on WeChat
  • 3 Red Packet promotions on WeChat each month ($200 media included)
  • Feature in 4 post per month on Weibo
  • Conduct 1 x brand sampling each month (providing 10-15 samples each month)
  • Feature in 2 post per month on Little Red Book
  • Feature in DaigouSales Product Training (10-15 Daigou attendees)
  • Product Image Included in 1 WeChat Moment ad campaign
  • 2 x Fensitong Weibo marketing promotion ($200 media included)

Diamond Program

Many brands understand that it takes significant ‘always-on’ marketing to build a brands profile and positioning; especially within a new target demographic. For these companies we have the “Diamond Package”. This package provides a comprehensive online and offline program designed to create  maximum brand exposure, product knowledge and sales channel development.

The Diamond package includes:

  • Promote your brand to the Australian Chinese community; both on and offline.
  • Feature in 4 post per month on Little Red Book
  • Feature in 4 post per month on WeChat
  • 4 Red Packet promotions on WeChat each month ($200 media included)
  • Feature in 10 posts per month on Weibo
  • 3 x Fensitong Weibo marketing promotion ($400 media included)
  • Participation in Daigou Competition each quarter
  • Conduct 1 x brand sampling each month (providing 10-15 samples each month)
  • Participation in 1x product training each month
  • Visit Chinese grocery & gift shops to develop retail presence
  • Organises Group Buying promotions
  • Brand Expo or Street Market Event each quarter
  • Organise factory/manufacturer visits for Daigou buyers
  • Dedicated Merchant Manager as point of contact.
  • Australia China Daigou Association Membership (valued at $600/yr)
  • Listing in BuyNatural eCommerce website (valued at $500)
  • Summary Report each quarter

Start selling to China via BuyNatural 百天然

Leveraging Daigou allows brands to cost effectively develop their D2C sales and marketing channel into China.